INISCIENT Manager is the first GRC solution of its kind. Behind the skin of an intuitive online user interface, the heart of INISCIENT is made of powerful mathematical concepts. The whole organizational documentation is individually and jointly analyzed and evaluated against applicable regulatory standards and your own organizational strategic priorities. 


The compliance of whole organizational documentation with applicable regulatory standards is determined, as well as any potential redundancy or incompatibility. In addition, the performance of the organizational documentation is evaluated according to the priorities of your organizational strategy. The worst-performing documents are automatically detected, saving complex search resources. 


Its ease of implementation and use allows for regular monitoring of the health, governance, and compliance of the organization. INISCIENT's internal database of regulatory standards is continuously updated to ensure constant compliance with current standards.


A PDF report meeting traceability requirements is edited after each implementation computation to summarize the current state of the entire organization. A projection mode in INISCIENT allows you to test various scenarios, and steer your organization in the best direction. 


All calculation results and reports are stored in a private and secure storage area on Microsoft Azure for safe and effortless follow-up of your organization’s progress. 

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