Kernelis Propagation can process digitized environment to predict the outcome of any propagation phenomenon (explosion, sonic detonation…) thanks to its proprietary DEFM (Differential Elements Functional Modeling) method.

In a digitized, non-voxelized, actual environment, Kernelis Propagation has been developed to bring a new method designed to assess the outcome of diffusive phenomenon and thus provide a rational evaluation of the effect of a propagative event on its surrounding environment.


Modeling the Propagation of sound wave.

Prospective modeling of sonic waves represents a crucial issue when sound quality or noise levels must be proactively assessed. Kernelis Propagation allows prediction of sound propagation and reflection on surrounding environment to draw the resulting acoustic map.

Kernelis Propagation is suitable to model the propagation of infrasound whether it is intentionally generated or it is caused by equipment such as wind turbines.

K-propagation old visual.png

Modeling the Outcome of Explosion.

Structural damages and injuries to personnel or public can be anticipated so that best adapted mitigation measures should be taken to optimize dual protection towards human beings and infrastructure.

In a digitized, non-voxelized, actual environment, Kernelis Propagation computes energy field and applied forces for both incident and reflected waves during diffusion and propagation phases. Kernelis Propagation computes effects on objects or living species found in the propagation area. Released energy is integrated from information on nature of explosive (in case of intentional action) or on nature of atmosphere (in case of accidental event). Blast impact on obstacle is assessed and resulting damage is computed after integration of necessary information upon resistance of materials.

Modeling the differential Energy in non-bounded environment.

Kernelis Propagation integrates a module of computational 3d surface energy mapping, which is used to predict diffusive and propagative phenomenon in a non-bounded environment as it may be met in outdoor conditions.