Kernelis Exchange addresses organizations which have to control the propagation of airborne contaminants by their HVAC system(s) and which shall at the same time keep operational parameters such as ACH at as low a level as possible to save resources and energy (compliant with ISO 50001 and related requirements). Applications are found in industries (pharmaceutical, chemical...), in health sectors (hospitals, dispensaries...), and in critical infrastructures (malls, official buildings...).


  • Kernelis Exchange quantifies the risk of maximum exposure to airborne contaminants when drifted by HVAC systems (SBS: Sick Building Syndrome).

  • Kernelis Exchange complements the scope of modeling systems like CFD software by calculating the transferred contamination as a global mass balance.

  • Kernelis Exchange evaluates the acceptability of risk vs. preset values.

  • Kernelis Exchange combines contamination issues with engineering data for the determination of HVAC optimal operating conditions and thus contributes to energy cost savings.

  • Kernelis Exchange can also address the calculation of heat transfer and has therefore already been used to estimate the needs in construction and architecture. 

  • Kernelis Exchange complies with applicable GMP and other regulatory requirements. The modeling principles and the detailed calculation methods of Kernelis Exchange have been presented for assessment to third parties such as qualified governmental organizations.

K-exchange old visual.png

S: source room(s) of contamination

C: room(s) with a risk of Cross-contamination

R: room(s) neither S nor C (passive Occ. Exp.)