Nuclear power plant and chemical industry are examples of industries where risk profiles may substantially exceed the limits of the industrial site. Hence, these industries should be perfectly controlled and managed since they may promote major disasters in case of failure. Critical infrastructures may include industries, such as those presented in the section Nuclear Power Plant & Chemical Industry, but may be complemented by a series of further infrastructures in which the nature of the risk is not directly linked to their activities. In this series, we can list items such as arenas, commercial malls, conference centers…

Maybe more in this domain than in others, the security and the risk assessment must be placed at the highest level. As conventional methods of risk identification (based on human guess) should not be sufficient in this sector, it is also important for the Risk Manager to assess his current set of protective measures by methods that do not proceed according to same process.

In the category of critical infrastructure, the level of protection and the risk management should be appropriately defined since most of the individuals found in these infrastructures are not required to comply with safety and security policies. These individuals should therefore be protected by the system itself whatever their reactions are.






Risk, Resilience & Reinforcement

Kernelis Resilience provides the means to go further than conventional risk methods to secure these industries. The method of Kernelis Resilience does not aim at guessing and quantifying potential causes or failure modes but considers the stability of an organization as a whole. Hence, the vulnerability of the plant is globally assessed and events that could not be anticipated (e.g. Fukushima) may however be rationally controlled by the system.



Automated Text Analysis, Linguistic Integration

With Kernelis Descriptor as a complementary standalone software, the organization can efficiently perform a contextual surveillance of the applicable requirements as well as the emerging threats.



Automated Scan-to-CAD



Explosion & Propagation


Kernelis Meshing & Propagation may be used to combine their specificities to address risk issues to the infrastructures and to the surrounding population. Level of exposure to accidental or malicious events can thus be rationally assessed.